CBDP Full Spectrum CBD Protein Powder

This is brand new to the industry so we are the first to Introduce CBDP.

CBDP is our Micro-encapsulated, Full spectrum, CBD Hemp protein powder. Now available to the UK CBD Hemp industry. We believe this will change the industry as we know it.

The Full spectrum CBD Hemp protein powder isn’t made from isolates like other CBD powders,  neither does it contain any chemicals. It’s actually 100% natural and organic.

We have all the official lab test certification and nutrition guides. We are now ready to show our full spectrum protein powder to the world.

Key Facts

It  reacts with the body with 52 x more bioavailability. it’s completely tasteless, odourless and has a full spectrum CBD entourage effect.

CBDP is also fully soluble in water and it’s also 100% natural, organic, vegan friendly, kosher and halal.

You can add our CBDP to almost anything to gain the full benefits.

We recommend using CBDP for either Drinks, Food, E-liquids, Cosmetics, Creams and Healing balms, Sweets, oils, Pet foods, Capsules and potions.

The CBDP can pass through  your stomach acid allowing you gain the maximum benefits by ingesting CBD. Therefore its a lot better for gaining quicker results and maximising all the medisional benefits.

Please keep posted for more information on how to get your hands on this revolutionional new product. It will be availible in sachet form very shortly and we welcome your interest.

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