Famous 888 CBD Smoothies

Famous 888 CBD Smoothies

Latest news: Famous 888 are soon releasing a whole new range of 4 vegetable smoothies containing CBD.

The aim is to aid people in living a healthier life style and to help boost the endocannabanoid system.

All of our smoothies are packed with crucial vitamins and minerals that help maintain health, vitality and also helps towards your RDA.

Most people now know that it’s important to consume at least 5 vegetables a day, we’re giving you up to 5 in an easy to use powdered mix that you add to water.

This is ideal for people who are of the older generation or those who are leading a fast lifestyle.

Our aim is to supply gyms and fitness centres and other outlets alike.

More information can be found on our website if your looking to become an affiliate dealer of the Famous 888 range. Please send us an email to

info@famous888.com to get involved.

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