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Its now no secret

It’s now no big secret that the CBD industry is booming in the UK and other countries.

With America and Canada now taking the main stage, its been quite a rollercoaster for CBD activists around the world.

The Truth:

The truth is that people want CBD (Cannabodiol) so that they can choose natural ways of preventing future health issues.

The question is why should we depend on chemical based Pharmaceuticals that can potentially be very harmful.

Our staff members have always made it there mission to learn and educate people on the benefits of CBD.

We grow everyday and feel assured that what we do is liberating normal people just like me and you.

We believe that knowledge is the key, seeing it with your own eyes is what it takes to understand how CBD is helping 1000’s of people every day.

Own brand service.

Our own brand service is growing everyday with more and more people wanting to establish themselves into the CBD Hemp market.

The fact is, we all have something in common, we like to help others.

Famous 888 like to help businesses as well as individuals get into the CBD market.

We provide the purest CBD hemp oils, CBD hemp  cosmetic creams, CBD hemp organic CBD hemp balms and other CBD hemp food and drink products.

Famous 888 have solid working relationships with cultivators, holistic doctors, scientists and other leading CBD professionals.

Our Ethos.

Our ethos is very simple, we just want to aid others to succeed in health, wealth and prosperity. hence the numbers 888.

Why we use the numbers 888

The numbers 888 represents infinity and good health, so we feel that these numbers marry well with our goal as a company and our vision to bless others around us.

So if your wanting quality approved CBD products for your customers or family members, lets share the love together.

Famous 888 only like to work with companies or individuals that share the same vision as we do.

Those who know us well will know that we firmly believe that “Prevention is the cure”.

This is so important when thinking about your own health as well as all the benefits that cannabodiol (CBD) has to offer.

We have a dedicated team of specialists that can help develop your brand, labelling, bottling, packaging and pricing. So lets face it, It’s as easy as it can be.

We look forward to hear from you soon.

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