3 x CBD Powder Tube 840mg 30g

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3 x CBD Powder Tube 840mg 30g

Micro-encapsulated full spectrum hemp oil powder
Probably the best CBD hemp powder in the world.

* High protein
* Fully soluble
* Full spectrum
* Tasteless
* Non isolate
* High CBD content
* 90 x added bioavailability than standard CBD oils.
* Lab tested and fully certificated.
* 100% natural (FOOD GRADE).

Usage and measurements.

CBD Powder can be used in many different ways and in many different carriers such as water, liquids, teas and coffees, edible goods and even deserts. It can also be added to cosmetics, balms or potions. CBD Powder is 100%  natural and soluble so adding it to your morning or evening drink is a great way of taking your daily dose of Cannabidiol

Each tube contains 10 grams in total and 28mg of CBD per gram giving you a combined total of 280mg of CBD per tube. Plus it’s very high in protein and omega oils.

A CBD Powder Shot tube can last up to 20 days if taking half a gram per day or 10 days at a full gram per day. 14-28mg per day .

With the easy to use measuring indicator on the side of each test tube, it’s now very easy to precisely measure the desired amounts needed for what ever your taking CBD for.

Our CBD Powder passes through stomach acid unlike conventional CBD hemp oils, it boasts 90 X more bio availiblity and we believe it to be 4-5 times more effective to the endocannabanoid system.,

2 reviews for 3 x CBD Powder Tube 840mg 30g

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    Amazing product and super speedy delivery !

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